GRIPS Process

What are the different phases of the SDGXchange methodology and the activities of each phase?

  1. GET STARTED: Assessing change readiness and the sustainability status of your organization
  2. REFRAME: Clarifying the SDGs as business opportunities and shifting from inside-out to outside-in
    • Inside-out: online assessment
    • Outside-in: Gap analysis
  3. INNOVATE: Engaging key players in co-creating new business opportunities
    • Competencies matching: group work
    • Ideas mapping: workshop
  4. PROTOTYPE: Developing new solutions with new clients for net positive impact
    • Shaping innovation: prototyping
    • Scaling innovation: internal processes
  5. SHARE: Assessing prototypes for impact and sharing success stories
    • Reporting: internal assessment
    • Showcasing: Peer-to-peer learning